Welcome to Christian Couple Counseling

What’s happened to that unbreakable commitment we once felt for each other?

Why are we so adversarial with each other when we used to work so well together?

Where have all those times of great conversation gone?

When did selfish disrespect replace the thoughtful consideration we used to show for each other?

How did all that energy and excitement we had turn into so much confusion and boredom?

Do you find yourselves emotionally growing apart? Are you not sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings like you did in the beginning of your relationship? Have other activities or compulsions replaced time spent together?

Do you find yourself repeatedly embroiled in the same unresolved arguments? Does your anger get out of control? Are you battling for control with accusations, demands, sarcasm, or cold silence? Afterward, do you regret what you’ve said or done? Do you find that you’re afraid of your partner’s anger, and you don’t feel safe?

Are you constantly walking on eggshells with your sweetheart because you withdraw from any possible disagreement? Do you try to avoid upsetting them by always doing what you think will please them? Does this leave you discontent and resentful because you’ve not shared your true feelings and needs?

You don’t have to be stuck in these and other relational problems. You can deal with your feelings of being misunderstood, lonely, angry, fearful, heartsick and hopeless. Let couple counseling teach you an effective, satisfying way of connecting with your loved one that restores your intimacy and joy. Call me today at (510) 783-6629 ext. 2, or email me at keith@christiancouplecounseling.com.