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Your marriage or premarital counseling experience can expand your understanding of yourself, your partner and the patterns of interaction between you. Our work together will give you tools to use these new insights to break out of ineffective, hurtful patterns and create constructive, healing ways of relating.

Counseling will help you establish clear strategies that move you toward the kind of life you want to build both together and individually. These strategies will assist you to become the kind of person and partner you desire to be. In this process, you will learn to confront and change the negative cycles that keep you from finding the kind of relationship and personal wholeness you want. And by God’s grace, you will learn the skills, insights and experiences necessary to realize these goals.

One of your most difficult tasks in counseling may be stopping the “blame game.” Focusing instead on how you need to improve your responses rather than critiquing your partner’s behavior can be a big challenge. It’s so much easier to build your case for why your significant other should be changing. Working on ways to be the person you really want to be, by holding yourself to your own values with right choices, is the most effective way to change your marriage or exclusive relationship.

There will almost certainly be a number of key areas on which to concentrate in order to remove obstacles to your intimacy and growth together. However, there is a prevailing aspect of your marriage that has the potential to be the driving force you need to do the hard work ahead: your relationship with God. It is my conviction that our hope for real and complete emotional and relational health is found in learning to know and love our Creator (in whose image we are made) with our whole being.

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